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Unsplash is a repository of free photographs that can be used for stock photography or any other purpose including commercial purposes.

Newest Hobby

My newest involuntary habit is counting lights in people's eyes in studio photos, movies, and TV shows and getting distracted by lights that can't possibly be coming from the scene.

Stock Photography Sites

Selling digital photos on microstock photography websites

There are an ever increasing number of websites which allow photographers, both amateur and professional, to sell stock photography images online with a minimum of fuss and hassle. This page chronicles my ongoing experiment with selling some of my own photos on some of these sites.

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Maximum (and Minimum) filter in The GIMP

The GIMP doesn't seem to have a Maximum (or a Minimum) filter. Looking at a description of what the Maximum filter does, it seems like it shouldn't be hard to create a Maximum or Minimum filter for The GIMP using Script-Fu.. Two obvious implementations come to mind, one of them O(N*M2) where N is the number of pixels in the image and M is the radius given to the filter. The other obvious choice would be O(N log N), which might actually be a better way to do it.

Soft focus without a soft focus lens

Analog, added during exposure

Centered linear motion blur in GIMP

While reading about soft focus, I came across a method for applying soft focus digitally. One of the steps involved was a motion blur. After some experimenting, I discovered that the GIMP motion blur moves the image from where it previously was, by one half the blur length. The examples in the article lead me to believe that photoshop leaves the image where it was, without shifting it over, which seems to me like the correct behavior.

exiftool: preserve last modified timestamp

I'm looking to modify the EXIF/IPTC meta information in a Canon RAW file (.CR2). In particular, I'm trying to add title, description (subject) and keywords tags to the file before uploading it to dreamstime. However, I do not want to change the last modified date stamp of the file.

Dell LCD monitor way too bright

I discovered that my LCD monitor (Dell E176FP) was way too bright, so I adjusted the gamma up by editing my xorg.conf file to add a Gamma line as described an article on In fedora 7, the xgamma program is contained in the xorg-x11-server-utils package.

Depth of field in portraits

Quite a while ago now, I had read the luminous landscape article on depth of field that presents the rule of thumb:

if the subject image size remains the same, then at any given aperture all lenses will give the same depth of field

After reading that, I had always thought of the main differences between long and short focal lengths in taking a portrait photo as:

A Zen-Like Consciousness of Movement

I took some photos yesterday that I'm looking at now, and several of them have camera shake at 1/100s. I was never extraordinary at shooting rifles, but I'm usually able to take pictures at around 1/50s or 1/60s without problems. I guess this means that I need to try and remember to stay conscious of my breathing and movement all the time when taking pictures, not just at extremely long hand-held exposure times.


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