Fifteen-story building constructed in six days

Chinese man survives being impaled with steel pole

Time lapse of a 4500 km walk

Sulfur Miners in Indonesia

I doubt this is what Phil Gramm meant by "nation of whiners", but that memorable phrase of his sometimes to mind when I hear Americans complaining about their lot in news interviews.

Puppy Update

There are two puppies left, out of the litter of five. Tiny #1 and Tiny #2 died the afternoon and evening that Zhuoma left for Weixi, which was the day after Jumbo had suddenly ballooned to about 3x their size. I think they got out-competed for milk.

It's expensive to renounce your U.S. passport

It's the coverage of the random but useful stuff like this that I really like about the Economist (and non-mainstream-American media in general)

. . . become law by June 16th, any American who wants to surrender his passport has only a few days to do so before facing an enormous penalty.

That penalty is buried in an innocuous piece of legislation with the veto-proof name, Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax (HEART) act.

Olympic Torch in Shangri-La

The Olympic torch passed through town today. I woke up at around 6, not especially for the torch, but because I've been waking up around early (5-6 a.m.) every morning recently.

The torch started out in the horse racing track. The army has been camped out there since March, but I figure they've temporarily cleared out for the torch and for the horse festival, which has been delayed until tomorrow.

My male dog has puppies

I realize this morning that I haven't heard my dog for a while. I go outside.


No response.

I notice that the door downstairs is closed. Usually I leave the door open so that I don't accidentally forget he's inside. Zhuoma seems to have closed it when moving some things from what was previously her shop back to the house.

"Uh oh," I think, "he's starved to death in there."

I push open the door and call out some more. Still no repsonse.

Moment of Mourning Online

A dip in Google search traffic during the three minute moment of silence on May 19 mourning the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.

How to tell it's spring, method #734

When the space above the stove is "hot," instead of "not cold."


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