New Use for Great Firewall Technology: China's ISP Adding Advertisements to Webpages

Sometime this May, I noticed advertisements appearing on the bottom of certain web pages (perhaps one out of every hundred or more that I visited). This example screen shot was taken on May 29, 20:11 CST. See the ad at the bottom of the screen shot.

screen shot

Importing GPS waypoint data into GRASS

I've been looking for the easiest possible way to import GPS data (from my Garmin 60) into GRASS (6.0.2) GIS. I've been using gpsbabel to get the data out of my GPS receiver into my computer, but none of the formats that gpsbabel is able to write is supported by grass's importer. Both support TIGER, but gpsbabel's TIGER output doesn't contain the name of the waypoint, only the location. It looks like grass 6.1 has a, but I don't have that. So I think I'm stuck with some kind of ASCII format and


I've been using Picasa lately as my primary photo viewing software. I like it for several reasons

Flash Text Missing (Google Analytics, Flickr?) on Fedora Core 5 (FC5)

No text displaying in Google Analytics? Running Linux? Fedora Core 5 (FC5)? I noticed a problem recently with Google Analytics where the graphics in the little flash animation boxes would come up fine, but no text would display.

I found a page on flickr that suggested that I might be missing the font used, but I looked and both msttcorefonts and ghostscript-fonts were installed (what sounded closest to the necessary packages on Ubuntu and Debian, respectively).

It turned out to be this bug in Macromedia Flash (I have flash-plugin-7.0.61-1), and the suggested fix/workaround:


AJAX is an acronym dreamed up by some dude. It expands to "Asynchronous Javascript and XML", which are 2 concepts which have been around roughly since Netscape was relevant and 1 other concept that has been around forever. Just shows that coming up with a memorable new name at the right time can cause a lot of people to start using it.

ghetto mouse

Current music: L'Amour - Rouge Rouge

The other night, a rat ate through my mouse cable. I found a piece of electrical wire, took off all the insulation, split the copper strands into 4 sets, covered the sets with electric tape, and spliced the pieces onto the two parts of my mouse. it's kind of cool looking now that the mouse cable has 4 wires now instead of one bundle.

grab new nightly mozilla build

A script that I used to use to grab nightly mozilla builds

cd /tmp

wget -O - | gzip -d -c | tar xvf -

xdaliclock year 2000 joke

y2k joke xdaliclock reversed text screenshot

set root window image

Sets the root window image 

xv -quit -fixed -root -8 -rmode 5 -stdcmap -best24 -max $*


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