My male dog has puppies

I realize this morning that I haven't heard my dog for a while. I go outside.


No response.

I notice that the door downstairs is closed. Usually I leave the door open so that I don't accidentally forget he's inside. Zhuoma seems to have closed it when moving some things from what was previously her shop back to the house.

"Uh oh," I think, "he's starved to death in there."

I push open the door and call out some more. Still no repsonse.

Cognitive Consonance

Do I first decide that a certain personality trait is important, and then only later try to cultivate it in myself and start gravitating toward people with that trait?

Or am I attracted to someone first (platonic and not), decide via cognitive dissonance that one of their traits is important, and then only finally start to cultivate that trait in myself and look for it in others?

Moving down the hierarchy of needs

If moving up the hierarchy of needs causes more worries (like environmentalism:

How to tell it's spring, method #734

When the space above the stove is "hot," instead of "not cold."


Zhuoma bought a chicken for (Chinese) new year, leashed it up in the other bedroom, gave it some rice and a saucer of water and shut the door.

I wasn't expecting this chicken to be with us for so long, and was surprised when I opened the door to check on it and found an egg sitting nearby.

I didn't really know what to do with the egg, and I feel silly and sheltered that I've never seen a freshly laid egg before.

The egg is now in the kitchen, but separate from the other eggs.


I just spent some time searching for a reasonable replacement or substitute for cardamom. I'm trying to find the spices needed to make masala chai, and in a quick survey of several recipes, all of them call for cardamom. By chance, I happened upon the fact that black cardamom is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. I found the name of black cardamom in Chinese (草果, cǎo guǒ) and discovered that I can buy it pretty much anywhere (including back home in Zhongdian) for local, non-import prices.


The city of Kunming appears to have discovered Pink's "Get the Party Started." I'm completely in favor of other people being infected by catchy songs that previously in my life have been stuck in my head on infinite repeat.

Calmness Failure

Today, while returning a mobile phone, I lost my internal cool for the first time in a long time. The store I bought the phone from has a 7 day return, 15 day replacement policy, but it took a lot of work to return the phone. It all went something like this:

Day 1 morning: I buy the phone

Day 1 evening: I go back and try to return it because of lack of Wi-Fi (I don't have any use for 3G). I am refused after about a half hour of explaining to three different people, but am given an offer to take me to a nearby Nokia Care the next day

Nokia N82

I owned a Mainland Chinese Nokia N82 for two days, which I purchased for 4180 yuan ($575.84) from a Zhongyu Telecom embedded inside the Kunming Jin Ma Fang (金马坊) Park & Shop.

Blood Test

Health check for getting a new visa: done.

My cholesterol (if that's what those characters say) is high, and a few other things are high or low. Maybe that heart attack is still on the way—just a bit late.

I'll try and read the results more carefully when I get home.


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