Extracting vanilla

An attempt at extracting vanilla from a vanilla bean with vodka. The initial pre-split state of the vanilla bean:

Notes from Cook's Illustrated issue number ninety-seven

Notes from Cook's Illustrated issue #97 (March and April 2009):

Something I respect in people

The ability to not at all care about that which does not matter.

Why etiquette is no good compared to rules

Because only the "in crowd" knows how to act

Turkey Tek in the New York Times

A subsequent revision of the oversized pecan pie has been mentioned in the New York Times.

(via beetree)

Blurry Kitten Photos

Keep still, you!


I got my first figlet spam today.  The spammer didn't choose a very legible figlet font.  Still, I thought it was clever. Dan Egnor's unfiglet script—merely a funny joke back then—actually needs to be written for real now. I bet the gmail people already have one.


Puppy Update

There are two puppies left, out of the litter of five. Tiny #1 and Tiny #2 died the afternoon and evening that Zhuoma left for Weixi, which was the day after Jumbo had suddenly ballooned to about 3x their size. I think they got out-competed for milk.

It's expensive to renounce your U.S. passport

It's the coverage of the random but useful stuff like this that I really like about the Economist (and non-mainstream-American media in general)

. . . become law by June 16th, any American who wants to surrender his passport has only a few days to do so before facing an enormous penalty.

That penalty is buried in an innocuous piece of legislation with the veto-proof name, Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax (HEART) act.

Olympic Torch in Shangri-La

The Olympic torch passed through town today. I woke up at around 6, not especially for the torch, but because I've been waking up around early (5-6 a.m.) every morning recently.

The torch started out in the horse racing track. The army has been camped out there since March, but I figure they've temporarily cleared out for the torch and for the horse festival, which has been delayed until tomorrow.


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