Tonight's dinner came from a corner food

Tonight's dinner came from a corner food stall in the night market here in Hualian. Nobody there spoke English. Cliff tried to ask for a menu with hand gestures, and we received a menu in the form of a piece of paper with the names of different dishes in Chinese and empty spaces next to the names for tick marks.

The woman there understood our situation enough to start bringing us random trays of food (presumably ones that had been sitting out for a little while). Everybody else that was working there thought that this was completely hilarious.

Yesterday I met this guy named

Yesterday I met this guy named "Tom," probably around 40 years old, on inline skates. He showed me a skate park or two in Taipei and was doing some pretty fancy tricks.

i sit under a mushroom

i sit under a mushroom shaped shelter in qingnian park


yesterday, i purchased from a vending machine a boxed drink with pictures of wheat germ on it. the flavor: liquid frosted mini wheats

My first impression of japan

My first impression of japan: constant sensory overload.

The first place we went after changing money at the airport (if you go, remember to activate your rail pass at Narita, because the rail pass exchange stations are not actually *that* common) was the supermarket.

Liane asks me, "what do you eat?"

I stand and stare at the japanese writing on the signs above the carrots. Then I stare at the three-times-too-wide and two-times-too-short carrots under the sign. Then I stare at the strange vegetable next to the carrots.



Here are things that I think I'm looking for in a date/lover/significant other/girlfriend/spouse:


xdaliclock year 2000 joke

y2k joke xdaliclock reversed text screenshot


Our hardware runs better without windows

(unwitting?) Microsoft joke. back dating to the time stamp on the file


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