I don't need you

I had long since forgotten the idea of setting mission and vision statements for raising kids, but being the person I am, I ended up thinking through "parent goals" anyway. One goal I settled on was to help my kids be as independent as possible as early as possible.

The other morning, my son said "I will wait for [friend] at school. I don't need you." It was momentarily sad, but I remembered my parent goal and remembered to feel proud about it.


Wesley: Oh, don't step on Bunny!

Ryan: Why?

Wesley: Well, if someone stepped on you, would you like that?

Ryan: No.

Ryan: If someone stepped on me, I might get..  breaked.

Bilingual... in scare quotes

My son, just now:

I'm humming "It's a small world" in Chinese!

He really was doing it, too.


Evolution of strapping a tablet on your face:


Colbert iPad 2012


AirVR iPad 2014

8 things to learn in school if you want to go into computer game programming

A young relative of mine might be interested in computer game programming. I'm not in the game industry, but I drafted a list of things that I thought he might focus on in school.


There's a recent meme that grit is important for success.

Why do teenagers act crazy?

I've been trying to model asking "why" in front of my son when I remember to. Separately, at one point, I explained to him that he can say "I don't know" instead of "uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh."  This morning, these converged.


Ryan: Does muffin make me taller?

Wesley: Vegetables make you taller. Well, muffin is pretty good too

Ryan: It's pretty good

Wesley: . . . but vegetables have vitamins, if you don't get enough vitamins, you might get sick. Actually, you need a balanced diet: some vegetables, some fruit, some grain, and a little bit of meat.

Ryan: . . . and a little bit of muffin.

9:36 is tattoo time

Ryan: It's 8:16 right now.  When it comes 9:36, it's time to do tatoos!

Too much hug

Ryan: Daaaddy, come out here, I'm lonely.

Wesley: Do you want a hug?

Ryan: Yeah


Ryan: (starts squirming) Daddy, I’m not lonely anymore.


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