Overview of Kano OS

We bought a computer for our son. Tonight I installed Kano OS 3.8.0 and experimented to evaluate whether to use that as his operating system.  My impressions:

Make your own computer

We bought a computer for Ryan -- a Raspberry Pi 3. It sounded like it was slow and fidgety enough to potentially encourage some tinkering, but fast enough to actually be able to run desktop software, and cheap enough that if he destroys it, we can chalk it up to a learning experience without much stress.  Our goal is to have him put it together from start to finish -- we were inspired by hearing about a family that bought broken down cars for their kids with the premise that if the kid fixed the car, it was theirs to keep and use.

Terror Drone

A passenger plane struck a drone today.  It'll just be a matter of time until someone figures out how to program hundreds of drones to hit a plane.

Light Vader

I'm not the only one who heard it as "Dark Vader" during childhood.

. . .

R> What costume did you get?

W> Transformers

R> Is it an Autobot?    [NB: We don't have any exposure at home to Transformers; The things he learns from school!]

W> Yes

R> I like Autobots, and I like superheroes, and I like Star Wars best.  [NB: No real exposure to Star Wars either]

[a short time later in the car not too far away....]

Long boring physics lecture #17

During dinner, my son asks me why I'm shaking the ice around in my glass.

So I launch into an explanation about how 100 degrees is very very super super duper duper hot, 0 degrees is ice, 25 degrees is something warm, like his ham.

"But my ham is cold."

Okay, maybe your ham is 15 degrees.

And for good measure, one more example is that Ryan is 37 degrees.

"I'm 37???"

Nobody expects a velociraptor for breakfast

W> You ready for breakfast?

R> Yes. . . . . . . Velociraptor.

[UPDATE: . . . on the following school day]

W> What do you want for breakfast?

R> Mmmm . . .

W> Cereal with milk?

R> . . .

W> Prunes??

R> . . . . . . . Diplodocus!

Do you want some apple juice?

R> Daddy, do you want some apple juice?

W> Yes, that sounds good. May I have some of yours?

R> Uh..  Uh..  Mommy, would you get Daddy some apple juice?

Keys Wallet Phone

R> [trying to remember what to take to bed] Bunny and pillow...  keys, wallet, phone

Why were you sad?

W> Why were you sad just now?

R> Because...  [thinking]  because I wanted to throw a fit!

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