Helo Wold! version numbers

Helo Wold! version numbers consist of two parts: A major revision number, followed by a period, followed by a patchlevel number. An example version number would be 23.42, which would be the 42nd patch of revision 23.

The major revision numbers correspond to the major CVS revision number in our CVS repository. The minor revision numbers do not correspond to the CVS minor numbers, as there will be many more of the latter.

As in the Linux kernel world, an odd major revision number corresponds to a "development" release. An even major revision number corresponds to a "stable" release. For example, our first release, version 1.0, is a development release.

Should patches need to be made to a stable release, a branch will be created in the CVS repository.

Each revision will be tagged with the following format: REV_23_42, where the first number is the major revision number, and the second number is the patch level.

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