thu Jan 31 2002

   12:00 ispheres

      8oz sweet baguette
         (flour, water, sea salt, yeast)

   12:30 ispheres

      rattos sandwich on seeded baguette (approx 2c vol)

         smoked turkey
         swiss & provalone
         pesto mayo

      12 oz mandarin lime hansen's natural soda

   14:08 ispheres

      12 oz hansen's natural soda cherry vanilla creme

Wed Jan 30 2002

   1:22 a.m. home

      2 packets quaker instant oatmeal, regular flavor
      1/2 cup hot water
      3 tsp sugar
      1.5 tsp lilikoi butter

   1030am ispheres

      12 oz hansen's natural cherry vanilla creme soda

   12:00 p.m. porn deli (@ispheres)

      1 maruchan instant lunch chicken

      1eng muffin
      jelly 1oz

      fries 1c

      chicken burger
         grilled chicken

Tue Jan 29 2002

9:00 a.m. home

   1 cups (cooked vol) jasmine rice
   1T furikake

10:30 iSpheres

   1 packet (18g) gold kili 3 in 1 instant coffee mix
      (instant coffee, non dairy creamer and sugar)
   + 3 tsp sugar
   + 10 oz hot water

12p.m. Ratto's

   .27 lb bread sticks
   sandwich (approx 3 cups, mainly bread)
      roast turkey (2 slices)
      lettuce (2 slices)
      swiss (1 slice)
      on french bread

   12 oz hansen natural cherry vanilla creme soda

Mon Jan 28 2002

2am home

   1 bag gold kili instant ginger drink (0.63 oz) in
   1 cup hot water

11am ispheres

   2T kaju katli  (cashews, sugar, clarified butter)
   2T something else (probably mainly sugar and butter as well)

   12oz cherry vanilla creme hansen's natural soda.

12pm Porn Deli
   Fries 1.5c
   malibu chickn sandwich
      chicken patty fried
      lettuce few slices
      tomato few slices
      onion 1 slices
      ham 1 sl
      cheese swiss 1sl

Sun Jan 27 2002

1pm home
   5 heaping tsp horlicks powder
   1c hot water
   3t granulated sugar

4:00 p.m. home
   24oz inca kola

7:45 p.m. home

   1 1/8 cup betty crocker pancake mix
   3/4 cup water

   (approx 6-7 pancakes, says the box)

Sat Jan 26 2002

7amish Denny's somewhere in south bay

   1x big texas chicken fajita skillet
      green pepper

      17 oz
      1217 calories
      70 g fat
      19 g saturated fat
      518 mg cholesterol
      1817 mg sodium
      25 g carbo
      8 g fiber
      3 g sugar
      49 g protein
      17 %dv iron
      22 %dv calcium
      53 %dv vit a

2002-01-25 food log

9:40 a.m. iSpheres

   1 maruchan instant lunch chicken flavor

12:00 p.m. porn deli

   9 jelly belly jelly beans

   Garden Burger
      1 slice onion
      2 slices tomato
      4 slices lettuce

   1.5c fries

Afternoon iSpheres

   1 Odwalla bar
   1 superfood odwalla drink

   1 hansen's natural cherry vanilla creme soda

7pm Crepe de Vine, Berkeley

2002-01-24 food log

11:30 a.m. Ginza

   1 cup white steamed rice (cooked volume)
   1cup miso soup
   3 tsp soy sauce
   6x california roll (about 1.5 cups total)
      .7 cups rice + 1tsp sesame seeds + nori
      .4 cups imitation crab
      .4 cups avocado
   3/4 cups salad
      1T carrot
      1/4 cup cabbage
      1/2 cup lettuce
   white dressing (contained sesame seeds and miso and ???)
   1 cup chicken teriyaki
      + 1 tsp sesame seeds
   1 Tbsp gari ginger
   1 Brach's butterscotch hard candy (approx 1.5 tsp)

2002-01-23 food log

12:00 p.m. porn deli (for those of you just joining us, the
   commonly-used name of a deli next to this porn shop)

   Grilled chicken sandwich 1/2 ' thick
      lettuce 3sl
      onion 3rings
      tomato 2sl


   eng muffin w butter
   grape jelly 1oz

5:00 p.m. iSpheres

   1 odwalla bar chocolate chip peanut flavor 2.2 oz
   8 jelly belly jelly beans

8:00 p.m. La Pinata Alameda, CA

   30 tortilla chips with salsa
   mexican rice drink (agua? fresca) 24 oz

Food Log for Tue Jan 22 2002

   11:00 a.m. iSpheres

      1 vitasoy soy drink 8.45 fl oz

   12:30 p.m. iSpheres

      4 pieces mushroom onion and green pepper thin crust pizza

   9:50 p.m. home

      16 ounces ? inca kola


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