Generation Gap

A little snippet of conversation from today:

(Wesley turns the radio on in the car)

Ryan: (from the backseat) It's a . . .  it's a podcast!

Install python packages without root access using easy_install or pip

You can run easy_install to install python packages in your home directory even without root access. There's a standard way to do this using site.USER_BASE which defaults to something like $HOME/.local or $HOME/Library/Python/2.7/bin and is included by default on the PYTHONPATH

To do this, create a .pydistutils.cfg in your home directory:

There Is a Bird On Your Head!

My son loves There Is a Bird On Your Head!. He knows the book well, and used to read it in fairly orthodox fashion.

Recently though, he's started intentionally reading it incorrectly.

Create MySQL hashed password for Puppet password_hash setting

To generate a password_hash for a MySQL user in the puppetlabs-mysql Puppet Forge module, run the mysql command line program and run the query SELECT PASSWORD('opensaysme'); where opensaysme is the password you want to use for the MySQL user. For example:

Switching from to

Years ago, I registered a few domain names with GoDaddy under their cheap promotional pricing. Every year since, I've wanted to transfer my domains away from GoDaddy to avoid their jacked up renewal fees, but every year I'd procrastinate until the expiration date and, out of fear that the transfer would fail and I'd lose the domain names entirely, I'd end up searching online for a coupon, biting the bullet, and renewing with them.  Last year, I tried to switch to 1&1 but they did not support wildcard domain names, so I gave up.

aychty one

Ryan and I were walking down the street the other day near this sign, and he started pointing at it and saying, "ayhsty one"

It took me about 15 seconds to realize that he was saying "H-ty one", analogous to "four-ty one", "six-ty one", etc

You monkeys you

Implied State Space Size

Consider these two if statements:

If statement #1

if (color == RED and has_thorns == TRUE)
  return "Roses are red"
else if (num_petals == 5)
  return "Violets are blue"

If statement #2

if (species == ROSE)
  return "Roses are red"
else if (species == VIOLET)
  return "Violets are blue"

Water Transfer Printing

Lazy Parenting #2

I've heard Ryan use the word "because" a few times this past week, like: "[the colander is] empty [of] noodles because mommy ate them" and "isss cold because you put it in ruhfrigrator."

Teaching him how to ask "what's this?" seemed to work out quite successfully. Now that he knows what "because" means, I'm super excited to encourage him to start up a never-ending, incessant stream of "why"s.


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