Light Vader

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I'm not the only one who heard it as "Dark Vader" during childhood.

. . .

R> What costume did you get?

W> Transformers

R> Is it an Autobot?    [NB: We don't have any exposure at home to Transformers; The things he learns from school!]

W> Yes

R> I like Autobots, and I like superheroes, and I like Star Wars best.  [NB: No real exposure to Star Wars either]

[a short time later in the car not too far away....]

W> There were Stormtrooper costumes, but they were too big. There was a Darth Vader costume, but it was black, and if you go trick-or-treating at night, you'll be hard to see. We were worried you might get hit by a car.

R> There should be a Light Vader costume.  It's yellow.

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