Long boring physics lecture #17

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During dinner, my son asks me why I'm shaking the ice around in my glass.

So I launch into an explanation about how 100 degrees is very very super super duper duper hot, 0 degrees is ice, 25 degrees is something warm, like his ham.

"But my ham is cold."

Okay, maybe your ham is 15 degrees.

And for good measure, one more example is that Ryan is 37 degrees.

"I'm 37???"

Yes.  Then I deliver the explanation that my dad gave to me when I asked that same question many years ago, replete with poorly drawn diagrams of cups and ice cubes and zones of different temperatures of water surrounding the ice cube.

Finally, I was finished, and I say (not particularly hoping for much), "did that make sense?"

And Ryan says, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . "

And after thinking about it for about 5 seconds, "that was a long talk."

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