Shaing your home directory between Mac OSX and a VMware Fusion 7 Linux Virtual machine

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First, give your virtual machine a fixed IP address.  VMWare Fusion's dhcpd server will often change the IP address assigned to your virtual machine -- even while it's still running.  While you can give the entire IP address range block access to your home directory over NFS, that can disrupt some other tools like Vagrant.

% cat /etc/exports
/Users/wtanaka -maproot=root:wheel

Restart nfsd in Mac OS:

% sudo nfsd stop
% sudo nfsd start

Add this line to /etc/fstab inside the virtual machine: /mnt/wtanaka nfs rw 0 0

Replace your home directory with a symbolic link to the NFS mount inside the virtual machine:

cd /home
sudo mv wtanaka wtanaka.old
sudo ln -s /mnt/wtanaka .

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