Running Ubuntu 14.04 inside VMWare Fusion

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To get shared folders to work in VMWare Fusion with a Linux guest, I needed to reinstall vmware tools:

  1. sudo
  2. install vmware tools from the menu

I couldn't get my home directory to work over hgfs (lightdm would log me in and then the session would immediately exit), so I created an entry in /etc/exports on my mac.

  1. Look up IP address for virtual box by opening a terminal inside of vmware and typing ifconfig
  2. Add an entry to /etc/hosts on the Mac host like: /Users/wtanaka -maproot=root:wheel
  3. Look up IP address for the Mac host (on the same network) using ifconfig in mac os x
  4. Add an entry to /etc/fstab in vmware like: /mnt/etoile/wtanaka nfs rw 0 0
  5. Change my /etc/passwd entry in vmware to look something like this: wtanaka:x:502:20:wtanaka,,,:/mnt/etoile/wtanaka:/bin/zsh
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