JIRA time tracking fields - difference between timeestimate and timeoriginalestimate

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The JIRA API has (at least) four fields exposing time tracking data. In the jira-python python wrapper, these are exposed as follows, assuming you have a local variable issue containing an issue object.:

  • issue.fields.timeestimate
  • issue.fields.timeoriginalestimate
  • issue.fields.aggregatetimeestimate
  • issue.fields.aggregatetimeoriginalestimate

timeestimate and aggregatetimeestimate track the "Remaining" time left on the issue.

timeoriginalestimate and aggregatetimeoriginalestimate track the original "Estimated" value.

Although I have not tested it, I suspect that the aggregate variables contain the sum of all subtask estimates. For normal tasks, they seem to always equal the non-aggregate fields.

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