Switching from GoDaddy.com to Namecheap.com

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Years ago, I registered a few domain names with GoDaddy under their cheap promotional pricing. Every year since, I've wanted to transfer my domains away from GoDaddy to avoid their jacked up renewal fees, but every year I'd procrastinate until the expiration date and, out of fear that the transfer would fail and I'd lose the domain names entirely, I'd end up searching online for a coupon, biting the bullet, and renewing with them.  Last year, I tried to switch to 1&1 but they did not support wildcard domain names, so I gave up. This year, I decided to make the switch to Namecheap.

  1. Namecheap supports wildcard subdomains.
  2. Namecheap's "whois privacy" feature is $2.88 a year instead of $9.99 for GoDaddy.

The switch has been pretty easy so far.  I followed the guide on the support site:

  1. signed up for the Namecheap free DNS service.
  2. copied all of my A, MX, and CNAME records into Namecheap DNS servers
  3. added the Namecheap DNS servers to the whois record of my domains in GoDaddy
  4. verified the domains in Namecheap free DNS
  5. removed the GoDaddy DNS serves from the whois records in GoDaddy
  6. purchased the transfers in Namecheap
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