Android AccountManager auth token types

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Several AccountManager methods accept a String authTokenType which controls the "They are requesting permission to" list in the Permission request activity.

Here are some available values of authTokenType for the "" accountType:

authTokenType What is displayed on permission request screen What access is granted
"ah" "Google App Engine"
"analytics" "analytics" Google Analytics Data APIs
"android" "Android services"
"androiddeveloper" "androiddeveloper"
"annotateweb" "annotateweb" Sidewiki Data API
"apps" "apps" Google Apps APIs (Domain Information & Management)
"blogger" "Blogger" Blogger Data API
"bookmarks" "bookmarks"
"chromiumsync" "chromiumsync"
"cl" "Google Calendar" Calendar Data API
"code" "code"
"codesearch" (does not work) Google Code Search Data API
"cp" "contacts data in Google accounts" Contacts Data API
"datasummary" "datasummary"
"finance" "Google Finance" Finance Data API
"groups2" "Google Groups"
"health" "Google Health" Health Data API
"hist" "hist"
"ig" "iGoogle accounts"
"jotspot" "JotSpot" Google Sites Data API
"lh2" "Picasa Web Albums" Picasa Web Albums Data API
"local" "Google Maps" Maps Data APIs
"mail" "Google mail" Gmail Atom feed
"mobile" "Google mobile apps"
"print" "Google Book Search" Book Search Data API
"reader" "Google Reader"
"sierra" "Google Checkout accounts"
"sitemaps" "Google Webmaster Tools" Webmaster Tools API
"structuredcontent" "structuredcontent"
"talk" "Google Talk"
"weaver" "weaver" H9 sandbox
"wise" "Google Spreadsheets" Spreadsheets Data API
"writely" "Google Docs" Documents List Data API
"youtube" "YouTube"
"Know who you are on Google" "Know who you are on Google" Google+ name of user (does not provide email address)
"Manage your tasks" "Manage your tasks" read-write access to Google Tasks
"View your tasks" "View your tasks" read-only access to Google Tasks
"oauth2:" "View your email address" read-only access to the user's email address
"oauth2:" "View basic information about your account" read-only access to basic profile information, including a user identifier, name, profile photo, profile URL, country, language, timezone, and birthdate
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