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The city of Kunming appears to have discovered Pink's "Get the Party Started." I'm completely in favor of other people being infected by catchy songs that previously in my life have been stuck in my head on infinite repeat.

I took a bunch of bird pictures at Green Lake. They look like seagulls. Or lakegulls. I know nothing about birds. People stand around the lake and throw up chunks of bread, and the birds fly laps around the lake catching the bread in the air. People hold bread in the air and pose for pictures waiting, perhaps, for some kind of Fabio incident. I'm surprised I haven't seen more cars covered with bird poop. I recall zero.

I've been looking around for a package of Masala Tea in the various foreign supermarket chains here. No luck so far. It seems like it should be easy to find, because it seems to be pretty common in restaurants. My next strategy is to look for chai masala recipes and see if I can't find all the individual spices I need in Carrefour or Paul's Shop or whatnot.

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