English Muffin Recipe

Averaged from several recipes I found online


  • 339ml milk (real or from powder (use more powder than recommended))
  • 10ml sugar
  • 1 packet of yeast (10ml?)
  • 36ml butter/shortening
  • 5ml salt
  • (does an egg help? seems to work okay without)


  • 900ml flour
  • (optional corn meal/bread crumbs to press dough pieces into before cooking)

Mix wet at barely warm temperature (100°F).  Yeast dies around 130°F. Start with milk and sugar and let sit if you're proofing your yeast (not sure if that helps). Mix wet into dry. Batter should barely still flow (flour volume above may be wrong). Let rise for 90 minutes. Grill on medium low (150C°?) flat surface by pouring into oiled up metal rings (like wall of tuna can) for 6 minutes on each side (until brown).

To do:

  1. reconsider recipe with milk in 250ml multiples
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