Getting around the Great Chinese Firewall, convenient style

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Instructions for bypassing the Great Firewall of China
  1. Download and install Tor.
    WindowsMacLinux (Fedora Core 5)
    windows instructionsmac instructions
    sudo yum install tor
    If that doesn't work for you, this might:

    sudo rpm -Uvh

  2. Use Firefox.

    It's superior to current versions of Internet Explorer and Safari. Anyway, to follow these instructions, you need to be using Firefox because there's an extension that you need. You'll want Firefox version 1.5 or greater.
  3. From within Firefox, download and install FoxyProxy
  4. If you have switchproxy installed, uninstall it (Tools » Extensions).
  5. Restart Firefox to complete the installation of FoxyProxy.
  6. Go through the series of dialogs that pop up asking you if you want to set up Tor, and restart firefox again when it tells you to.
  7. Bring up the FoxyProxy Options Dialog (Ctrl-F2). Select the Proxies tab. Select the "Tor" line. Press "Edit Selection".
  8. These patterns define which websites you'll want to use via Tor. Press "Add New Pattern".
  9. As an example, let's have all requests to Wikipedia go through Tor, since Wikipedia is blocked. For the Name, enter Wikipedia. For "URL or URL pattern", enter http://**. Then make sure "Whitelist" and "Wildcards" are selected and press "OK".
  10. You may want to select the Google Mail pattern and press "Delete Selection" if you don't want your google mail traffic going through tor.

Now, if Tor is running, visit, and it should work.

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