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Psychedelic Cop

HK movie bombs with RM159 box office gross

HONG KONG: A Hong Kong movie has ranked as one of the biggest flops of all time by attracting less than 10 viewers and making a total of US$42 (RM159) at the box office, a news report said yesterday.

Psychedelic Cop, the story of an undercover cop who finds he has a split personality, is believed to be one of the worst-performing films in the territory's movie history.

It sold less than 10 tickets during its one-week run at a cinema in the Fanling district in August, the South China Morning Post reported.

It went on to recoup a little more of its unknown production costs when it was released on VCD after its brief and disastrous cinema run, the newspaper said.

The second worst-performing movie of 2002 after Psychedlic [sic] Cop was Colour Of Pain, starring casino tycoon Stanley Ho's daughter Josie, which took US$242 (RM919) over a two-week run.

The territory's top film of the year was the Hong Kong-made crime thriller Infernal Affairs which made US$5.6mil (RM213mil).

Pulau Penang, Malaysia

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