Opensearch Autodiscovery Link module for Drupal

This lightweight module creates an opensearch autodiscovery link on every page of your site, as described here.  It can serve the description document from a static file, but if no such file exists, it will create a dynamic one with some potentially reasonable defaults.

By default, the description document is located at /opensearch.xml, and is generated dynamically. To use a static file, copy or rename the opensearch_link/example.xml file to opensearch_link/opensearch.xml and edit it to suit your site.  The module looks for that file and uses it automatically if it exists.

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If you're working on a new module, take a look at and see if there's a module that already does what you're trying to do.

If this is missing anything that your module has, then please submit a patch in the issue queue.

This module is not new.  Based on the timestamps in the .zip file, it was created Feb 12, 2007.  Feel free to take anything that you might find useful from it!

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