Drupal Forum Moderator (Make Sticky Topics)

A Drupal 5 module (tested in 5.1) which creates a user access permission called "toggle nodes sticky" which, when enabled on a user's account, gives that user a portion of normal forum "moderator" powers -- namely the ability to make forum topics sticky (useful for announcements, FAQs, etc).

Even if the form field for editing the sticky bit is exposed, Drupal will unfortunately ignore the value set in the form unless the user has "administer nodes" permission by resetting it back to whatever it was originally. To get around this, this module makes the assumption (true in 5.1) that this "reset" happens after the "validate" nodeapi callback and before the "submit" callback.

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Hi, can you change your module. Change sticky instead of Published. Its be very usefull, to publish node for normal users. Thank you.

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