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Getting java sound to use ALSA default device


Using Java's javax.sound package to play audio seems to do something that prevents other applications from playing sound with ALSA at the same time. My sound card doesn't do hardware mixing, so I assume that ALSA's dmix is used by default, and Java is using a hw device directly instead of ALSA's default device.

I searched for a while, but couldn't find a solution.

Getting java sound to use OSS and running java inside aoss seems to workaround the problem.

Including Drupal from a stand-alone PHP file


It's been a while since I've wanted to use stand-alone PHP files and call drupal from those files. There are two cleaner ways to do such a thing:

tsocks and torify on fedora 7


The dries fc6 tsocks rpm still installs in Fedora 7. torify is a trivial shell script that gets generated if you compile tor yourself, but doesn't seem to be included in the tor rpms. The bulk of the work is done in a file called tor-tsocks.conf which you can create for yourself:

server =
server_port = 9050
local =
local =

Cash Register


While I was waiting in line to buy some stuff today, the cash register crashed while trying to open the drawer to make change for the person in front of me.  After a few minutes, they decided to reboot the machine, at which point I saw it had 256MB of memory and was running linux (it had the frame-buffer boot screen with the penguin at the top).  The first time it tried to boot, it crashed and rebooted while trying to run fsck.  Strangely, the second time it booted just fine.  The POS software started up exactly where it had died, and kicked out the drawer.

Online Games in Chinese (bluedj)


After a somewhat painful search (it's still very, very difficult for me to navigate around chinese web pages), I found some software that allows you to play 斗地主 (dou dizhu, aka the landlord game, aka the original variant of rich man, poor man/asshole/president/etc) against other people online in linux.

QQ in Linux


Third-party implementations of QQ seem to break every so often. Probably intentional on the part of Tencent. The most recent breakage happened around the beginning of june.  The symptom is this message showing up in Help/Debug Window:

Wrong password, server msg in UTF8: 尊敬的用户,您的QQ版本已经停止使用,



Chinese Fedora Packages


Some RPM packages for fedora core 6 and fedora 7 including one for the evaq QQ client.

Democracy Player Doesn't Start


Ran into another problem with Democracy player:

Safari on Linux


There's now a version of safari for windows. But it sounds like it doesn't run in wine.

Upgrade to Fedora 7


Just upgraded to Fedora 7, by burning a DVD+RW and running an upgrade off of that DVD.


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