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Maximum (and Minimum) filter in The GIMP


The GIMP doesn't seem to have a Maximum (or a Minimum) filter. Looking at a description of what the Maximum filter does, it seems like it shouldn't be hard to create a Maximum or Minimum filter for The GIMP using Script-Fu.. Two obvious implementations come to mind, one of them O(N*M2) where N is the number of pixels in the image and M is the radius given to the filter. The other obvious choice would be O(N log N), which might actually be a better way to do it.

Soft focus without a soft focus lens


Analog, added during exposure

Centered linear motion blur in GIMP


While reading about soft focus, I came across a method for applying soft focus digitally. One of the steps involved was a motion blur. After some experimenting, I discovered that the GIMP motion blur moves the image from where it previously was, by one half the blur length. The examples in the article lead me to believe that photoshop leaves the image where it was, without shifting it over, which seems to me like the correct behavior.

exiftool: preserve last modified timestamp


I'm looking to modify the EXIF/IPTC meta information in a Canon RAW file (.CR2). In particular, I'm trying to add title, description (subject) and keywords tags to the file before uploading it to dreamstime. However, I do not want to change the last modified date stamp of the file.

Dell LCD monitor way too bright


I discovered that my LCD monitor (Dell E176FP) was way too bright, so I adjusted the gamma up by editing my xorg.conf file to add a Gamma line as described an article on linux.com. In fedora 7, the xgamma program is contained in the xorg-x11-server-utils package.

Updating linux heroes of might and magic 3 to 1.3.1a


wget ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/lokigames/updates/heroes3/heroes3-1.3.1a-unified-x86.run

_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 ./heroes3-1.3.1a-unified-x86.run --keep

Download http://downloads.sourceforge.net/goldenfiles/loki_patch-fix-0.1.tar.gz

tar xvfz loki_patch-fix-0.1.tar.gz

cp Loki_patch-fix/fixedpatch heroes3-1.3.1a-unified-x86/bin/Linux/x86/loki_patch


diff .po files


I had two .po files (one of which was saved from poEdit) which had their strings in a different order, making the unix diff utility useless in looking at the differences between them. Loading and re-saving the other .po file inside poEdit sorted the strings in the same way, allowing diff to work quite well.

Using xscreensaver hacks in gnome screensaver in Fedora Core 5, 6, 7

Pretty easy:
sudo yum -y install xscreensaver-extras-gss xscreensaver-gl-extras-gss

Drupal 5 _drupal_cache_init() performance


_drupal_cache_init() will attempt to fetch the page to be generated from the cache_page table, even if caching is turned off on a Drupal 5 site.

Actually, this seems like a bona-fide bug, so I think I'll file it.

Looking at the Drupal CVS source code, it appears the bug is still in Drupal 6 at the moment.

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