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Posting to Twitter with PHP


Posting to twitter involves a simple HTTP POST. Here's a snippet of PHP that does it for you:

Decompress .zix files


zix "archives" are like tar files -- the contained files are just concatenated together.  The windows "extraction" software contains spyware.

Television Online


Update: A list of various TV and Movies

Great Firewall Proxy Autoconfiguration (PAC) Script


I'm trying to create a proxy autoconfiguration script so that:

  1. I can uninstall foxyproxy to save memory
  2. I can have my proxy setup on other browsers and other computers

X.org automatic configuration


Looking for the Xorg equivalent of the old xf86config -- something to automatically detect hardware and create an xorg.conf file. I thought running system-config-display (which is in /usr/bin, not /usr/sbin for some reason) would work. Running it without arguments didn't seem to work (even if I removed xorg.conf first), but:

sudo system-config-display --noui --reconfig

seemed to create an xorg.conf. after looking through that generated file, I discovered that I could have just commented out the Monitor line in the "Screen" section.

Google Gears


I haven't tried it out, but from reading through the web pages, it seems that google gears could be what greasemonkey might have been.

Remastering a Customized Ubuntu Live CD


The past few months, I've been trying to help my uncle customize a live CD to ship, along with a laptop, to my grandparents to use as an internet device. Though I've seen many people with pirated Chinese Windows Live CDs, and I'm sure I could phyiscally obtain one, that wouldn't work for way too many reasons, so I suggested Linux.

vmware modules


Since I've had to look for where to find these several times now:


(vmware modules for linux kernels that aren't supported by vmware)

Blender 3D


Been playing with Blender and reading through the Blender 3D tutorials on Wikibooks. There are rpms for yafray (a raytracer) available from Gemi's repository. Blender seemed to have some display problems when run using compiz desktop effects so I switched back to the normal non-special-effects window manager metacity.

UFRaw ID-Files


It's possible to save the conversion settings for a raw cr2 file in UFRaw through the "save as" dialog box, which is one advantage of using the ufraw program directly instead of the gimp ufraw plugin. The gimp plugin doesn't seem to have a way to load the .ufraw file settings either.

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