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Another random find from my home directory cleanup -- an entry (not mine) from an old 256 byte game programming contest.  Play using the numeric keypad (numlock on).

Acrobat Reader and FC6


Acrobat reader is broken in Fedora Core 6 in two ways:

  1. When you run acroread, it goes into an infinite loop printing "expr: syntax error"
  2. If you've fixed that problem, but you're running SCIM, the program will just run and exit quietly without doing anything.

Attached here is a patch which fixes both the problems for me. To apply it, you can run:

wget -O - http://wtanaka.com/system/files/acroread-fc6.patch | sudo patch -p0

Skating Robot



Your name up in lights


Open source projects credit contributors with their email address by convention. Since modern search engines now use links kind of like a form of currency, it might improve the incentive to switch the convention to optionally credit people with the URL to their home page instead of their email address.

preg_split, preg_match_all, and UTF-8


There's a bug in PHP where preg_split('//u', $utf8string, ... ) doesn't split the string into an array of unicode characters, but instead splits it by bytes.

The suggested workaround (also mentioned here) is preg_match_all('/./u', $utf8string, $matches) doesn't match "\n" characters for me, but preg_match_all('/.|\n/u', $utf8, $matches) seems to work for me just fine.




Table-ful HTML layout


There's been a backlash against using tables for laying out HTML pages.  If I understand it correctly, the argument against using tables is primariily that a page layout using tables can be difficult for a blind person's web browser to make sense of.  Tables generated by software, after all, can be extremely large.

How to make torn paper in the GIMP


The smudge tool seems to be a good way to get a torn paper look.  Unfortunately, it's a very manual process.  I might be willing to use the smudge tool with a light pen, but I prefer an automated method since I only have a mouse.  These steps (which produced the above image) seem to be a reasonable, automated alternative:

ruby-gnome2-all, ruby-gtk2 rpm


That looks... dirty.


I logged in to Yahoo Mail today.  There were two new things.  One was a box which asked me if I wanted to turn on Yahoo Chat inside Yahoo Mail.  I did, although it hasn't worked for me yet -- a dialog pops up saying that it wasn't able to connect me, and to set my status to Available [something something] if I wanted to try again.

The other was this new image used as a "throbber" while the yahoo mail UI loads.

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