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First experience eating peas


Ryan Crawling


First solids

I had been imagining food getting everywhere—the floor, his clothes, the ceiling... There's a bit dripping off the tray, but not nearly as much as I pictured.

Kill the Dock in Mac OS X


To kill the dock in Mac OS X, in a Terminal, type:

killall Dock

The dock will shut down and  re-start automatically.  If do not want the dock to run at all—for example if you want to free up memory or free up pixels from the screen—remove the /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app directory with:

cd /System/Library/CoreServices
sudo mv Dock.app Dock.app.orig
killall Dock

Picking a name for your baby


While Emily and I were brainstorming naming for Ryan, I briefly threw out the idea of giving him an entirely different, shorter last name than either of our last names.  The dreadfully un-scientific thoughts I had were:

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